City Celebrations
Strawberry Days
Pleasant Grove is home to a unique summer festival, Strawberry Days, the longest continuing community celebration in Utah to date. The city hosts the annual festival, usually during the third week of June. A rodeo held in conjunction with this festival brings competitors and spectators from throughout the West. The festival includes parades, a carnival, pageants and other activities. Although no strawberries are currently grown commercially in the city, the festival takes its name from a time when strawberries were a major economic activity in the city. The first Strawberry Days celebration was held the second week of June, 1921.  It was organized by the Wasatch Club, the forerunner of the Chamber of Commerce.
Heritage Jubilee
A celebration of the founding of Pleasant Grove City, this family friendly Jubilee features live music, storytelling, pioneer games such as marbles, hopscotch and wood sawing, a mercantile village, a petting zoo, and shops for food and hand-crafted items for sale and display. The Jubilee has run continuously for more than 22 years. Previously run by community volunteers, the Historical Commission now plans the event in cooperation with local clubs such as Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary, as well as Pleasant Grove City and many volunteers. The event is held on Main Street and Historic Downtown Park, at 200 S. It is held in September of each year.

Hometown Heroes
Those who do good in our community are celebrated by local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor and City Council. This is a series of celebrations in honor of public servants, teachers, leaders, and good neighbors. The concept for the celebration came from the owner, and Chamber Member, of Stone Gate Reception Center, who had grown weary of all the bad news and disrespect depicted in the daily news cycle.  This program recognized the good news and those who serve their neighbors and their community in honorable ways! These events will occur throughout the year, with varying themes.  Citizens are invited to nominate those whom they feel are worthy of recognition as a Hometown Hero.